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Welcome to my world....the world of Splash-Art.
Since childhood I have been obsessed with the folklore and art of mermaids. This mythical creature, since the beginning of time has captured the imagination of adventurous mariners and land dwellers alike.
Over the centuries, the sea siren's appearance has been depicted in many ways, but the most common has been that of a beautiful alluring woman with the tail of a fish. Inspired by that concept, Splash-Art was born.
As an illustrator, designer, and "old school" airbrush artist, I was influenced by artisans like Alberto Vargas, Olivia De Berardinis, Gary Dumm, Adam Hughes, and a list of many others...I've applied my love of art, passion for working with the airbrush, and my deep interest in mermaids to create this series.
Airbrushed illustrations are available for purchase in the form of high quality durst prints on superior matte photo stock (in three sizes). These prints make for exceptional wall art in any setting or environment. I will be adding new (story telling) prints to this collection over time. The introduction of (3D) resin kits, also know as "garage kits" will also be available soon for builders and collectors.
Thanks for exploring my world!  
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